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Low Cost Air conditioners for Electrical and Electronic Control Panels

Air conditioners for control panels that provide a low cost method of both purging and cooling electrical and electronic control panels by using a stainless steel vortex tube to create cold air from ordinary compressed air. There are virtually no moving parts. These units are compact and can be installed in minutes through a standard electrical knockout. These units are ideal for all NEMA 12 rated panels.


  • Low in cost

  • Compact

  • No CFC’s

  • Fast installation

  • Stabilize enclosure temperature and humidity

  • Virtually maintenance free (No Moving Parts)

  • Mounts in a standard electrical knockout

  • Stops heat damage and nuisance tripping

  • Eliminates fans and filters

  • Prevents dirt contamination by keeping enclosure at positive pressure

  • Units applicable to all environments including high temperature to 200°F

Panel Cooler


Filtered, compressed air enters the Air Conditioner through the vortex tube component. The air is split into two streams, one hot and one cold. The muffled hot air from the vortex tube is expelled through the top of the air conditioner. The cold air is directed into the enclosure through the cold air distribution hose. Hot air inside the enclosure rises and exits to atmosphere via the air exhaust at a slight positive pressure. The enclosure is both purged and cooled with clean air. No outside air enters the enclosure.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioner

The systems come with a 5 micron filter with drain for the compressed air supply to insure clean, dry air and an air distribution kit to circulate the cold air inside the enclosure for even cooling.