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Line/Load Reactors

3-Phase Reactors

Harmonic Compensated and IGBT Compatible

  • Increase Drive System Reliability

  • Filter Power Line Disturbances
  • Reduce Harmonics

  • Reduce Surge Currents

  • Reduce dv/dt

  • Extend Transistor Life

  • Reduce Motor Noise and Temperature
  • Reduce Voltage Doubling Effects

  • Improve True Power Factor

  • Absorb Power Line Spikes

Benefits of Using RL Line/Load Reactors

MTE RL reactors help keep your equipment running longer by absorbing many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down your inverters, variable speed controllers, or other sensitive equipment. They are the modern technology solution to inverter and drive application problems. MTE reactors are harmonic compensated and IGBT protected to assure optimum performance in the presence of harmonics. They are very effective at reducing harmonics produced by inverters and drives, and in most cases will help you to meet IEEE 519. Use our harmonic compensated reactors on either the input or output of an adjustable speed drive/inverter. There is no need to derate our “harmonic compensated” reactors for harmonics.

  • Protect Motors from Long Lead Effects

  • Reduce Output Voltage dv/dt

  • Virtually Eliminate Nuisance Tripping

  • Extend Semiconductor Life

  • Reduce Harmonic Distortion

  • Reduce Surge Currents

  • Reduce Motor Temperature

  • Reduce Motor Audible Noise

  • Improve True Power Factor

  • Helps Meet IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-4

  • 3% impedance reactors are typically sufficient to absorb power line spikes and motor current surges. They will prevent nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers in most applications

  • 5% impedance reactors are best for reducing harmonic currents and frequencies. Use them when you must comply with IEEE 519, to reduce motor operating temperature, or to reduce motor noise

How it Works

Voltage spikes on the AC power lines cause rapid elevation of the DC Bus voltage which may cause the inverter to “trip-off” and indicate an over-voltage protection condition. Reactors are used to absorb these line spikes and offer protection to the rectifiers and DC Bus capacitors while minimizing nuisance tripping of the inverter. A 3% impedance reactor is 90% effective at protecting against transients or nuisance tripping of AC voltage source inverters, due to voltage spikes. The 5% RL reactor extends spike protection to 99%.

Line Chokes

Input line filter chokes are used between variable speed drives and utility. They’re used to dampen the harmonic content and rush of the current drawn by the motor drive.

Line Chokes are used to protect your drive from harmful line disturbances. Our reactors help prevent equipment failure and down time & can add years to the life of your Drive.


  • Reduce nuisance over voltage tripping of the Drive due to transient voltage spikes and power line notches

  • Improves input line current balance on the Drive input when the line voltage is unbalanced
  • Offer in-rush protection to input rectifiers caused by sudden power line surges or sudden changes in the motor load

  • Offer reduction of input line current harmonics by reducing the current form factor thereby improving power factor

  • Reduce ripple current in the DC bus capacitor bank thus extending their life

Line Choke Specifications

  • Rating Range : 0.15 kW – 1200 kW

  • Type : Single/Three Phase

  • Input Voltage : 110/230/415/440/480 V AC

  • Current Range : 1-2000 Amps
  • Imax : 150%

  • Impedance : 1.5/2/3/4/5 %

  • Frequency : 50/60Hz

  • VFD  – ABB, Siemens, Fuji, Allen Bradlley, Mitsubishi, Yasakawa, Danfoss, Delta, Schneider, Hitachi etc..

  • Protection Class : I

  • Insulation Class : F & H

  • Ambient Temp : 40°C

  • Construction : Single Winding/Safe-Touch Terminal/Vacuum Pressure Impregnation/Earthing Terminal

  • Testing : Full Current Injection/150% Linearity Test/Voltage Drop Test/Winding Resistance Test/Heat Run Test/H.V. Test/Megger Test


  • Power supply with high frequency transients such as voltage surges, line notching, pulsed distortion and harmonics

  • Drive supplied by a low impedance line. If the KVA rating of the Ac supply transformer is greater than ten times the input KVA rating of the drive, a 5% input line reactor should be added.

  • Power supply with phase unbalance greater than 2% of the voltage. An unbalance greater than 2% can shorten the life of drive and results in severe damage to drive power components.

  • Installation having more than two drives installed on the same power line. Multiple drives on a common power line require one reactor per drive to reduce cross talk.

RFI and EMI Filters

“RF” filters offer an economical solution to many facility interference problems caused by the high frequency emissions of adjustable speed motor drives and inverters. Type “RF” filters can prevent drives and inverters from interfering with other sensitive electronic loads by reducing both common mode and differential mode noise emissions.

Typical drive and inverter applications include:

  • AC Motor Drives

  • DC Motor Drives

  • Active Harmonic Filters

  • Battery Chargers / Electronic Welders

Protect Sensitive Loads From RMI / EMI

Micro-processor based equipment can be sensitive to low levels of voltage distortion and electrical noise. The “RF” series of filters is intended for installation on equipment causing the electrical noise in order to protect other sensitive electronic loads. Sensitive electronic loads, which can be protected, when the “RF” filters are applied to offending drives / inverters include.

  • Micro-processor based equipment

  • Computers

  • Automated lighting controls

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • Laboratory measurement equipment

  • Energy management systems

  • Radio transmitters / receivers

  • Television / CCTV

  • Photo electric sensors