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Solar Water Pump Inverter


Goodrive100-PV Solar Water Pump Inverter

Goodrive 100-PV can reduce the PV input voltage, switch power input channel between DC and AC, high IP class IP54, etc., the end users don’t need to maintain the solar inverter any more after setting the parameters at the first time. It can solve problems like electricity shortage, water shortage and energy shortage.

  • Broadest voltage and power range
  • Multiple protective measures
  • Advanced MPPT algorithms
  • Auto switch between solar and grid input
  • Product for high protection level
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BPD Series Solar Pump Inverter

In some application, people need the pump working day and night, in order to increase the efficiency. BPD series solar inverter will supply a safe and complete solution. For example, INVT helped a client in Thailand to solve water supply problem in farm irrigation.

  • IP65 designed for outdoor solar pumping system
  • With optimized high-tech motor control algorithm
  • Support AC & PV input together, AC bypass function
  • Support single-phase & 3 phase 220V pump
  • Built-in booster module, reduce PV panel cost
  • Integrate multiple protection functions to extend service life
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