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Industrial Control


DA200 Series AC Servo System

DA200 Series AC Servo System is a new generation star product made by INVT, which is greatly improved in performance.It can satisfy needs in many different fields with its easy use, high reliability and good adaptability to the environment.
DA200 Series AC Servo System achieves the first level in servo control field in China.

Application: DA200 series servo system is widely applicable to CNC industry, electronic equipment, printing equipment, packaging equipment and woodworking machinery, etc.

Input voltage (V)AC 1PH 220V(-15%)~240V(+10%)
AC 3PH 220V(-15%)~240V(+10%)
AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%)
Output motor capacity (kW)0.2kW~5.5kW
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IVC1 Series PLC

IVC1 series PLC features small sizes and high performance in automation control. It has a built-in microprocessor, core computing control system, as well as input points, output points, expansion module buses, etc; this series also includes I/O extension module and special module; the main module has two communication interfaces; the main module I/O also has high-speed counting and high-speed pulse output channel to achieve precision positioning; it has a wealth of built-in programming resources and three standard programming languages, and supports debugging monitoring via Auto Station programming software; it also has an effective user program safety protection system.

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VT Series HMI

VT series HMI features rich display function, huge internal memory, advanced configuration function, and easy to use human-machine interface; therefore, it facilitates human-machine interaction in industrial automation field.

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