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Flame / Explosion  proof enclosures are made up of aluminum / steel cast cabinets that contain electrical switch gear  / instrumentation components like switches, plugs, sockets, transformers, meters, VFD’s,  controls, and knobs to keep the surroundings safe from electrical hazards.  these enclosures are resistant to spark and shock and have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures. these explosion-proof enclosures keep any interior explosion and prevent spreading to the external environment thus by safe guarding life and property.

Flame-proof panels are mostly used in the place where concentration of flammable gases, vapors or dust occurs. POWERMAG offers  all kinds of Flame-proof panel as per customer needs

Types of explosion / flame proof control panels

  • Electric motor – star – delta panel
  • Distribution electrical switch gear control panel

  • Instrumentation panels – Flow, level, counter, timer, temperature indicator, annunciation , hooter enclosures