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Aquatreat – Magnetic water descaler

AQUATREAT controls the formation of scale and corrosion without the use of chemicals offering re-vitalised water.

Hard water passing through AQUATREAT’s superior MAGNETO HYDRODYNAMICS technology causes most minerals to stay suspended in water so they cannot form a hard brittle scale.

The removal of existing scale in the pipes happens gradually when surface charged water molecules are carried downstream into the scaled area and by removing scale formation, scale related electrolytic corrosion is eliminated.

AQUATREAT goes to work immediately on the existing scale.

AQUATREAT lowers surface tension of water maintains heat transfer rates at optimum efficiency, stabilizes pH and creates ability for Oxygen to dissolve better in water.

Application areas


  • Air conditioning systems

  • Cooling towers
  • Distilleries

  • Hot water tanks

  • Air humidifiers

  • Conoensers
  • Heat exchangers

  • Piping network

  • Irrigation systems

  • Soil desalination

  • General water pipelines

  • House and apartments

  • Pools and spa

  • Showers

Salient Features

  • Prevents New Scale Formation

  • Removes Existing Scale Deposition

  • Prevents Corrosion

  • Reduce or Eliminate Chemical Costs

  • Decrease Equipment Downtime

  • Ease of Installation

  • No Operational Costs

  • Saves Energy

  • Maintenance free

  • Non-polluting

  • Environmentally Safe