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  • POWERMAG Aluminium housing dynamic braking resistors (DBR) are based on a high grade FeCrAl Alloy wire wound on threaded ceramic formers

  • The resistance material is a high grade FeCrAl Alloy

Rated for repetitive duty

  • Robust & Noise Free construction

  • High overload capacity

  • Close tolerance (+/- 5%)

  • Temperature stable element

General Features

  • These elements have a high overload capacity and cool rapidly
  • Compact construction & Low Noise Level
  • Higher continuous dissipation by mounting directly onto heat sink or cooling surface


  • Terminals: Nickel Copper Plated M.S. Terminals or 300-500mm long Temperature Resistance Cable
  • Mounting Positions : Any mounting position is possible at full load, but recommended positions are as follows
  • Installation: The resistors do not have a separate safety earth terminal. They must be mounted on a metallic bare, grounded surface or an earth terminal must be affixed to one of the fastening screws
  • Safety: For unprotected installation within normal arm’s reach, use a protection against unintended contact

  • Sufficient cooling air must be available and sufficient headroom above the unit for the exiting hot air.

Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature-55°C to +375°C for 1 min
Operating Voltage600VAC 1100VDC (850VDC) / 690VAC
Insulation Resistance> 100 MΩ at 500V
Dielectric StrengthNo breakdown at 2.5 kVAC RMS
Short Time Over Load2 x Wattage Rating, 10 sec
Resistance Tolerance± 10% (standard) or ± 5% (optional)
Core MaterialCeramic
Coating on CoreSilicon Epoxy Resin
TerminalsNickel Copper Plated MS Terminals or Temperature Resistant Teflon Cables
Resistor ElementHigh Grade FeCrAl Alloy
Maximum Temperature375°C at full load above an ambient temperature of 40°C
HousingAnodized Aluminium
CoolingAir Natural
StandardsIEC 60068-1 & IEC 61180-1 / CE Marked